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Roches Noires Résidences

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The luxurious Roches Noires Residences features private parking spaces for cars
and boats as well as private gardens and private swimming pools along with a
24hr security service.

Bord de mer living

A variety of personalised elements allow you to tailor-make your villa as they are
delivered unfurnished. Each of the 8 private villas boasts luxurious bathroom,
kitchen taps and accessories.
Our project has a strong representation of new living concept being directly
located on the beachfront. Adding to the line-up of amenities, Roches Noires
Residences offer a vibrant and free-spirited lifestyle. Alongside the sheer
refinement of its features, the development offers every villa amazing views of
the sparkling ocean.

Experience haute living. Roches Noires Residences give you a true taste of art. As you enter
Roches Noires Residences, you will find the world slowing visibly and understand what it really
means to escape. A walk through the landscaped gardens will fill your senses with splendour.
Exotic plants and splashes of vivid colours of flowers in bloom will take your breath away.


Modern living It’s time you get yourself the best brand of living, Roches Noires Residences.
Each Villa’s boasts spacious interiors and a private outdoor living area.
Our celebrated designer has painstakingly created this haven for you to celebrate
a pleasant lifestyle by the beachfront. Far from being the boiling caldron from
popular imagination, weather in Roches Noires is most of the year, lovely.



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